Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It

Hey all!

It's that time of the week again.  Monday Made Its!  I love to see what everyone has been making for their classrooms.  You are all so creative and I'm a bit jealous.

I've been super busy this week with projects.  Most of them are still only half done, but I will share them anyways.

I made a teacher toolbox that fits with my room theme- Owls!  I made a red one to match my ladybug themed classroom but then changed to owls.  I was inspired by another blog from Monday Made It (didn't have time to go back through and find it, so if you were my inspiration, THANK YOU!).

I used Rustoleum spray paint in Berry Pink.  It's 2x the coverage and it didn't work as well as regular spray paint.  Take your time, LIGHTLY spray on each layer, wait at least 20 mins between coats, and use a primer, even though it says you don't need one.  Just remember, LIGHT layers as it is 2x the coats and is thick.

Then, I used these labels and customized them to fit my needs.

I mod podged the labels to my drawers, using a thin layer on the drawer, stuck the label on, and lightly attached it the label to the inside of the drawer.  I plan to go back tomorrow and add another layer of mod podge on top.

Ta da!  I am so in love with this.  

These have been circulating Monday Made Its and are self explanatory.  Again, I can't find the original posting of this, and her labels were free.  I think I got them from last week's MMI.

Oh dear.  Noticing a pattern?  Can't find original poster of this, it was free.  I am thinking I got this idea off of Pinterest.  Maybe MMI.  I'm not sure.  Anywho, I printed off the picture, got a turquoise frame from Target that fits my classroom decor, and pink polka dot ribbon.  I plan to use this alongside my clip chart system.  It needs the ribbon added to the bottom of this hanging down so I can clip clothespins to it.  When my students get three consecutive days (or maybe 5, haven't decided yet.  Suggestions?) of being on my highest level on my clip chart, they will earn a jewel.  Once they earn five jewels, I will retire their clip onto the hall of fame, and they will earn a coupon from our class reward system.

This is my new attendance chart.  I am so in love with this, too!  This will be part of their morning routine.  

You will need:

14x14 magnetic white board
two wooden or paper cut outs of your classroom theme
sticker or puffy paint letters
numbered magnets (1" glass beads from Dollar Tree, mod podge, numbers, magnetic buttons)  I guess I will show how to make these next week as I didn't include them this week!

All of the magnets will be on the bottom in the morning (one of my jobs is "reset" in which the child will reset all of my charts: behavior, attendance, lunch count, etc.) and they will have to move their numbered magnet to the top to show that they are here.  This way, I can take attendance once things have settled down in the morning and I only have to look one place.  Easy peasy!
I just need to add a ribbon on the top to hang it somewhere, or maybe I will just set it on top of something.  Haven't decided yet.

My papers with no name board!

thin board from Michaels
spray paint of your choice
No Name letters (also from Michaels)
clear spray paint or acrylic sealer
two wooden cutouts matching your classroom theme
clothespins- dyed, glittered, mod podged, etc.
hot glue gun

I first pray painted the board to match my colors.  I didn't just primer on this, and it took several coats, but I think it looks pretty good.  I put 2-3 coats of clear spray paint over my letters as they are glitter letters and it came off pretty easily.  The spray paint seemed to cover it just fine.  It does dull the glitter some, but I figured better dull than gone :)
I glued the owls on each end first, then laid out my letters and clothespins to see what worked best.  I then glued down my letters and I am still working on dying my clothespins to my class colors using RIT dye.  I also need to put a ribbon on the back to hang it somewhere.  I will update when I finish the board!

I'm off to check all of the other awesome MMIs.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another giveaway!!

Yet another fabulous Erin Condren giveaway!!!  Super hope I win.... I love the teacher planners!!

Find it here

Followers (and Monday Made It)

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited that I have followers!  My little tiny blog is actually followed by someone!  Thank you to you four for following me- two on blogger and two on Bloglovin'.  Thank you so much!

Now, for Monday Made It(s)- I've been busy this week!  I have other projects too that will be finished next week (hopefully) but because they're not done, they won't be here tonight.

Monday Made It # 1  Letter Storage

File box from Target (came with 5 hanging files)
28 file folders
26 tab dividers
letters from Dollar Tree

It's hard to see, but in each hanging file folder is a file folder with the uppercase letter printed on it, and a divider (inside the regular file folder) with a lowercase letter printed on it.  I put lowercase letters in front of the divider and uppercase letters behind the divider, but still inside of the regular file folder.  If I need a letter, I just pull out the hanging file and take what I need.

For my nicer letters (not from the Dollar Tree or made by me from laminated construction paper), I will put them in photo albums.  Stay tuned for that MMI!

MMI #2  Crate Seats!!

I have been seeing these beauties everywhere and finally had to make my own.  I only show one finished product because they took awhile to finish so I only got through one (started late).

You need: (in picture)
staple gun
crate seats (mine are from target: two teal, two purplish pink, two white) all for like $3!!
foam pads (mine are from Walmart.  They were super thin, so we had to add another piece of foam to them which made them very tall but should be comfy for all.  Even me!)
felt or fleece (to protect fabric from ragged edges of cut wood)
boards! (Home Depot cut these for free.  Even helped me do the measurements!  You need to take your crate with you to see how big you want them cut, and to make sure they are cut correctly!)

First, cut your felt to go around the board.  Staple it to the board.

Next, cut the foam to match the size of your board (see, we had to use two!).  We glued the foam pieces to each other using spray adhesive just to be sure they wouldn't shift around.

Pull the fabric around the whole contraption, fold like a present, and staple like crazy!  Then, put it on top of your crate to admire your handiwork.  In my case, I admired my mom's cuz she was afraid I would hurt myself with the staple gun  I have NO talent with crafts though I love them   she loves me and wanted to help get my classroom running.  Remember, I am brand new so I have lots to make this summer!

I made several other things this week but apparently didn't take pictures... so maybe I will show them next week!  Who knows....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Give away

Check out this awesome give away at Miss R's Room

good luck!


I am attempting to merge my blog with bloglovin.... here goes!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog Giveaway

Check out this fantastic giveaway over at First Grade Critter Cafe  You don't want to miss these fantastic reading strategies taught in a fun way!

Favorite Pins Friday!

Happy Friday!

Today I am linking up with The First Grade Parade for her 

I am addicted to Pinterest.  I can spend hours on it pinning ideas for my classroom (brand new teacher!), but I don't.... have to remind myself that I need to have interaction with my husband and precious puppy.  
Anywho.... Here are my favorite pins from this week.

Originally from Ladybug's Teacher Files, this pin shows me awesome ways to organize books and other large items in my classroom.  I love all the bright colors and black labels!  


Couldn't find the original post, but these are all over Pinterest.  I just discovered Erin Condren this past week and have instantly fallen in love!  Her planners are SO amazing and inclusive and I have heard nothing but good things about her products.  I desperately want one, but seeing as how I am a brand new teacher who just graduated from grad school and had no job this summer, it isn't likely that I will have one this year.  But next year, it's on!


I LOVE this idea originally from Forever in First  This is such a fantastic idea for kinders to learn letter sounds.  It also involves higher level thinking, requiring them to apply the letter sound to something they can dress up as.  And I LOVE class books, so this is a must do.  

My style:

I love love LOVE pink.  This whole outfit screams to me.  Obsessed.  From

from  Love rose gold and I've been wanting an initial necklace.  

Words to live by.  I need this daily reminder.  from Etsy

Want to see what else I love?  Check it out here

Thanks for tuning in!  Have a fantastic weekend :)